LUNAESCENT Deluxe Gift Set


The LUNAESCENT Deluxe Gift Set is presented in a luxury keepsake box. No need to cover this elegant box with gift wrap. Just add a satin bow and you'll have a beautiful gift suitable for even the most discerning.

Each set comes with a LUNAESCENT touch-free applicator and 2 medical grade silicone pads: (i) Smooth pad for hygienic and effective application of any type of skincare, and (ii) Textured pad for massaging, depuffing, exfoliating, and washing. The set also includes a gold LUNAESCENT low-scoop spatula for hygienic retrieval of skincare products sold in jars or smaller containers.  

Customer Reviews

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Cherie Monson
Great way to apply tinted moisturizer or foundation!

I can't believe how little I need of my tinted moisturizer now that I'm using the LUNAESCENT touch-free applicator. I'm using less than 1/2 of what I used when I used my fingers to apply my moisturizer. The amount shown in the picture below is the perfect amount for me that absorbs completely while using the applicator. The bonus is that the applicator is so easy to clean with just a drop of hand soap and water, unlike a battery operated tool.


I am a slight germaphobe myself, so this applicator has been perfect in eliminating the risk of contamination from using my hands in my skincare routine. I used this applicator a few times now, and have noticed that I don’t use half as much product as I usually do without this applicator! I love that I also don’t lose product from it getting absorbed on my hands! While using this product, my skin feels like it’s getting a massage and feels so good. It makes me enjoy my skincare routine even more now! It glides so smoothly over the skin and maneuvers with ease when getting down to the neck area. I have yet to put the pads in the freezer to give a cooler sensation but I’m sure that will be lovely! Definitely recommend trying!

Liana Garibyan
Love my applicator

I love the lunaescent applicator and spatula. I use it daily to apply my skincare and makeup. The first thing i noticed about the applicator is i use less product since the silicone pad is non-porous which is amazing. The applicator has a pivoting head making it easy to use all over my face, neck and even ears. My favorite part is the little bumps on the silicone pad it massages the tension from my face while applying my skincare. The applicator is very versatile and can be used on the body as well. I highly recommend it.

Thuy Vu Fan

Highly recommended!