A multipurpose skin care tool for product application, massaging, depuffing, smoothing, and more ... all without using fingers!

One tool that saves you money and avoids germs 

Elevate Your Skincare Routine

no fingers, no germs, no waste

only healthy radiant skin!

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The All-in-one tool for your skincare routine!

LUNAESCENT (TM, pat. pend.) is a unique touch-free skincare applicator that hygienically (no contamination) and efficiently (no wastage or unwanted absorption) applies skin care products without using fingers. LUNAESCENT is a universal beauty tool optimized to apply skincare or sun protection products, and to replace four popular beauty tools: Gua Sha, jade roller, facial massager/depuffer, and gentle facial exfoliator. Oval silicone pads allow clean and efficient product application and double as a lush skin massager. Microwave the pads to increase absorption of beauty oils and serums. Or store the pads in the freezer for skin cooling and depuffing!


The LUNAESCENT touch-free applicator is a multi-purpose beauty tool sold in sets consisting of a soft-textured handle in one of LUNAESCENT’s custom colors with a pivoting head, and two attachable proprietary soft oval applicator pads made from Platinum-grade nontoxic silicone. One silicone pad is perfectly smooth and ideal for general application of skin products; the other is lightly textured and ideal for massaging and depuffing. The skincare product is applied to the silicone pad by dipping or direct deposit, and then gently smoothed onto the face, neck, or other desired areas. The pads are fully removable, washable, and reusable.


How can we care for our skin without the wasteful, messy, annoying, and even harmful effects of applying skincare with our fingertips? The answer is LUNAESCENT!

​The FDA warns that skincare products "can become harmful to consumers when contaminated with harmful microorganisms, such as certain bacteria and fungi." The most common means of contamination? Fingertip contact with skin care products. LUNAESCENT eliminates contamination. And LUNAESCENT prevents the unwanted absorption of expensive and even medicated products into fingers. 


DeannaSanta Barbara

There is nothing like LUNAESCENT  on the market. LUNAESCENT is not a thin silicone brush.  It has a stable  head which allows me to rub in every drop of my products.  I've saved so much money! I also love using it at night for massaging my skin with beauty oil before going to bed.

AiraRedwood City

After using LUNAESCENT, I don't know how I ever applied skincare and sunscreen on me and my kids before it! My husband keeps stealing my LUNAESCENT to apply his aftershave lotion.

ShabnamLos Altos Hills

I love how soft and luxurious LUNAESCENT feels on my sensitive skin.

PaulLos Gatos

When I play golf, I'm hesitant to apply sunscreen mid-course because my grip becomes slippery. LUNAESCENT lets me apply sunscreen without the mess and the grease.