Life Hack for Long or Acrylic Nails

Life Hack for Long or Acrylic Nails

Mar 09, 2022Raana Kashani Gregg

I have always loved beautifully manicured hands. I admit that I don't always achieve that goal in my own life, but as a busy mother, someone or something else typically gets priority over my own personal manicure time. My other issue is that my fingernails don't seem to grow very fast. I have tried vitamins, oils, and you name it. But nothing has seemed to help. So, I figured I would try acrylic nails. The acrylics are fun, but they make some everyday tasks more difficult.


One of the biggest issues I experienced was completing my skincare routine with a set of acrylics firmly planted on my fingertips. The first night after application, I almost took out an eye trying to apply my under-eye cream. After that, I pretty much gave up on my dream of having nice nails . . . until Lunaescent.


Lunaescent is a great life hack for people with acrylics or long nails. You simply hold the handle, apply your skincare product to the pad, and smooth it into your skin. No poking your eye or your skin with sharp nails; no more broken nails, smudged nail polish, or expensive skincare getting wasted by accumulating under your fingernails. Just beautiful radiant skin.

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